30 years or so ago I would watch technology shows on television and watch people review things that I was I was never going to be able to buy because all I had was pre-teen money (i.e. no money).

Thanks to cryptominers scooping up every GPU under the sun today I can turn to any of a number of random YouTube channels and watch them talk about hardware that I will still never be able to buy. I have adult money now, but that came with a manual that said I shouldn't pay double or triple MSRP and reward the scalpers (the scalpers in this case includes a lot of retailers).

And as long as the crypto-fans can convince the rubes that they can create free money out of thin air by buying GPUs and squandering as much electricity as possible, this problem will continue. Lisa Su thinks that the GPU shortage might be mitigated sometime next year (here's a link, there's a million of them covering the same story). She's got a PhD, so she's probably smarter than me, but I have a hard time buying that (just like I have a hard time buying GPUs). Unless Bitcoin utterly collapses, the only way I see out of this is to produce so many GPUs that you overwhelm the miners enough that there are cards left for everyone else. But the thing is, cryptominers collectively have too many resources and will continue buying everything, even at inflated rates. Building as much product as you can so you can shovel them directly into a bottomless pit and letting everyone but the miners fight over the few units that fall over the sides of the shovel seems like a great deal for GPU manufacturers and only the GPU manufacturers.