I was in the market for a new laptop, and I wanted one that supported Linux (and maybe *BSD), so I went to the retailer with apparently the biggest advertising budget, System76. 

But, while digging into the Terms & Conditions, which you have to agree to to buy anything from their site, I found two areas of interest. First is a binding arbitration clause, which is unfortunate, but seems to be de rigueur for licensing agreements these days. In it you waive your rights to sue them if their laptop malfunctions and burns your house down. And you waive your rights to join a class action lawsuit if a few thousand of their laptops malfunction and burn lots of houses down.

Second is a clause that I hadn't seen before:

You will not register or use any Internet domain name that contains an System76 trademark or trade name (i.e., System76) in whole or in part or any other name that is confusingly similar thereto

This was interesting to me because it tells me that they're trying to prevent me from registering System76sucks.com, but they're also trying to prevent me from registering ILoveMyNewSystem76Computer.com. It was also interesting because unless there's a pronunciation of 'System' that I'm unaware of, they clearly copy/pasted this clause from somewhere else and did a search/replace for their name, resulting in the clbuttic construction "...an System76 trademark".

Since I ultimately didn't buy anything from them, I'm looking forward to seeing what confusingly similar Internet domains I can buy instead.